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Welcome to The Internet Librarian 2005 Wiki


We are going to have a wiki for the Internet Librarian conference and then discuss what happened at the final session on Tuesday called "Blogs & Wikis Face Off".


What should you post to the wiki? Anything you want! Questions for presenters, the best restaurants, or a place for feedback. There will also be a blog, for the same purpose.


You can edit any page, including this one, just by clicking "Edit" above. Go ahead, try it.


When prompted for a log-in and password, use Steven as the username and il2005 as the password. No need to provide your e-mail address.

Note: You can use your own name as the username when you log in and then the RecentChanges page will show who has edited what.


You can share this wiki with your friends, too. Just give them the link and tell them the password.



  • WhatWikiIs - history and explanation
  • WikiStyle - find out how to edit wikis
  • SandBox - play around here to figure out how to edit wiki pages




Favorite Restaurants


I second the Clay Oven. Just finished dinner there and it was amazing.


Also had good Mexican meals at Turtle Bay (D on the googlemap) and Zocalo scroll down for address


Cool Tools

(mentioned in a session or remembered sometime later)

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